After the success of the previous collection of Alan Shuker’s QuizWord puzzles and the return of the New Zealand Listener, Alan has produced another volume of his puzzles that combine the timeless fun of a quiz with the challenge of a crossword.  Each QuizWord is packed with a challenging range of general knowledge and trivia to inform, surprise and satisfy.  The previous volume is still available if you haven’t got a copy yet. If your local bookshop doesn’t currently have one in stock, they can easily order a copy for you. (The new book’s ISBN is 978-0-473-53985-6, while the previous volume is 978-0-473-48381-4).  To get you started, here are three interactive QuizWord samples:


Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3



Take5 Collection Available
First appearing in the New Zealand Listener over two decades ago is Take5, the smaller and sometimes trickier sibling of Simon Shuker’s Code-Cracker puzzle. The Take5 Collection should well and truly scratch your Take5 itch, containing as it does two hundred puzzles for you to complete. Try out the three interactive samples below, then click here for suggested stockists.


Take5 Puzzle 1 Take5 Puzzle 2 Take5 Puzzle 3





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